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Shahil Agarwal


It is an immense pleasure to represent such a beautiful city Pokhara through our Pokhara Rhinos, Cricket Team as one of the franchise for the inaugural T20 tournament in Everest premier league. For this great initiation, I would like to thank all for your help and support. The success of any national team depends upon how strong its grassroots is. Nepal has always lacked such tournament which gives exposure to the young people and provides them with an opportunity to be a national hero. This can be the opportunities for all and this is our priority with pride.

Shakti Gauchan

Marquee Player/ Captain (2017)

“The difference between winning & losing is most often not qutting” This tournament will definitely be a turning point in the development of cricket and players here in nepal. In my personal experience it is very important to mix experienced players with youth. This will help them develop not just their game but also help them develop mentally.