J4 Sports Pledges to Develop Sports in Pokhara

by Pokhararhinos

Posted on November 23, 2018 at 4:31 pm

J4 Sports Pledges to Develop Sports in Pokhara

In a press conference organized in Pokhara, J4 Sports pledged its commitment to develop sports in the city and adjoining areas. Joining hands with the local government authorities, J4 Sports held a productive session discussing various ways to nourish and thereby flourish the sporting community of the city.

J4 Sports also announced they would host a ‘talent-hunt’ program – an initiative to provide a platform to local cricketers with the zeal to pursue a career out of cricket. The winner of the ‘talent hunt’ would be given an opportunity to play for Pokhara Rhinos for three years. This opportunity to play alongside and against cricketing legends provides a much-needed platform to the aspiring cricketer – a courtesy of Pokhara Rhinos.

J4 sports also discussed potential opportunities to develop tourism in the beautiful city with the help of sporting events. The possibility of enriching Kaski Cricket Council, which serves Gandaki zone, was also discussed, and ideas exchanged.

Both parties have committed to keep their promises, and collectively work towards the development of sports in Pokhara.