Pokhara and Birgunj have fun with ‘Ramailo Cricket’

by Pokhararhinos

Posted on November 23, 2018 at 4:17 pm

Pokhara and Birgunj have fun with ‘Ramailo Cricket’

Family members in Pokhara and Birgunj had a jubilant day outdoors with ‘Ramailo Cricket’, a sporting event intended to knit communities together – an initiative by J4 Sports. In Birgunj almost 70 members participated, whereas Pokhara, the home-city of Pokhara Rhinos witnessed a huge amount of participation.

The organizers managed a smooth event – all members were given a fair chance to play, irrespective of gender, age or group. It was a unique bonding opportunity for members of the community, and laughter echoed all day.

‘Ramailo’ in Nepal means fun, and J4 Sports surely made the day immensely ‘fun’. For those who didn’t about the sport, it was a unique and fun way of learning cricket, and for those who knew, a day to indulge in a loved sport. J4 Sports also educated the participants about Pokhara Rhinos, a cricket team consisting of national, international and rising cricketing names. Pokhara Rhinos is a cricket team by J4 Sports, and a franchise of Everest Premier League. J4 Sports is a Shanker Group company, a unique diversification, the group wishes to promote sports in the nation via J4 Sports.

‘Ramailo Cricket’ was hailed a success and was received well by the community. It illustrated practically the benefits of sports to a community – family and friends came together, the community bonded, physical activity was incurred, and everyone had a great day outdoors under the warmth of the winter sun.

J4 Sports intend to make ‘Ramailo Cricket’ an annual affair and are looking to cover more cities in 2018.